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Detail Degree Course Academic year of the educational offer: 2019/2020
  • Agriculture and Forestry (L-25)

credits total:180

Educational objectives
The Degree Course in Forestry and Environment Science provides core competences in the field of applied ecology and of the techniques for surveying the qualitative and quantitative characters of forest stands, the main methods and techniques for the analysis, execution and management of operations in forest and pre-forest environments. Graduates of this course should acquire core competences in propaedeutic subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Plant Biology, which are needed to understand the principles of specific professional subjects. These competences will enable students to achieve a professional training including the principles of sylviculture, the main forest management types, the elements of soil sciences and of hydraulic-forest settlements. Graduates will gain understanding of the dendrometric and descriptive surveying techniques that will enable them to carry out field surveys and the relevant qualitative and quantitative processing, in order to correctly understand the natural phenomena of forest stands evolution. Likewise, they will acquire knowledge of the main industry regulations and of the principles of forestry economics and valuation needed for autonomous professional activities such as the planning and settling of small businesses, evaluation of land, technical means, plant and forest products; afforestation projects and related valuations; forest work of land exploitation and amelioration; rural development and technical-economic management of small farms, protected areas and processing companies. The profile requires the dialectical skills needed to disclose and argue one’s own technical ideas with specialists and non-specialists, as well as the command of English language or of another European language, which is necessary for reading and interpreting technical texts, for professional exchanges and for basic dissemination. Acquired competences will enable graduates to tackle and solve, as junior professionals the following issues: - Sustainable management and development of forests, forest-pastoral and environmental heritage; - Forestry and environmental monitoring, survey and valuation; - Knowledge of issues related to forest and agro-pastoral products; - Defence of forests and the environment from biotic and abiotic damages; - Defence of the territory through hydraulic works and the application of key management and soils evaluation techniques; - Technical aspects of core education and training base in the environmental and technical professional area. Educational activities will be carried out through lectures, laboratory and field practice and mid-term testing. The course lasts three academic years. To achieve the degree, students should have acquired 180 credits (CFU), including the ones related to the knowledge of an European Union language, besides Italian, subject to the special rules for the protection of linguistic minorities. The educational programme provides for 19 mandatory examinations, , a language test, elective activities, a practical training period in external facilities and the final examination about specific course issues. The 12 elective credits may be acquired, in accordance with article 10, paragraph 5, letter a) of DM 270/04, choosing freely among teachings provided by other courses of the University of Palermo and other Italian and foreign universities. Students must also acquire up to 3 CFUs for professionalising activities, employment opportunities (art.10, paragraph 10, letter d) of D.M. 270/04) At the end of the course, students obtain the title of “Dottore in Scienze Forestali ed Ambientali” and, after passing the professional qualification examination, they may register in Section B (Dottore Forestale Junior) of the professional register.
Professional opportunities
Profile: Land valuation technician Functions: This technician is a junior expert in the valuation of forest stands. It is enrolled in Section B of the Professional Register of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors Skills: - Technical-economical management and upgrading of forest resources and planning of the protected areas; - Land, forest and sylvo-pastoral environment valuation; - valuation of land assets, technical means, plants and forestry products. Career opportunities: Private practice, Public Institutions providing for technical assistance (Sicily Region Forest Department, Regional Agriculture and Forestry Departments, Civil Protection, etc.) Profile: Forest holder technician Functions: Junior expert in the management, maintenance and control of agro-forestry systems, enrolled in Section B of the Professional Register of Agronomist and Forestry Doctors Skills: - administration and sustainable management of forest resources; - technical assistance in the forestry sector; - management of fauna resources, maintenance and control of the agro-forestry area and urban and territorial green areas; - management of integrated rural development plans and of forestry works - management of the processes of production, processing and marketing of forest products Career opportunities: Private practice, Public Institutions providing technical assistance (Sicily Region Forests Department, Regional Agriculture and Forestry Departments, Civil Protection, etc.) Profile: Soil defense Functions: junior expert in designing simple groundwater defense measures, enrolled in Section B of the Professional Register of Agronomist and Forestry Doctors Skills: Preparation and implementation of simple hydraulic-forestry projects related to the protection and defense of the territory by hydrogeological risks and desertification Analysis of complex operations of hydraulic-forestry and soil protection Career opportunities: Private practice, Public Institutions providing technical support (Sicily Region Forest Department, Regional Agriculture and Forestry Departments, Civil Protection, etc.)
Final examination features
To obtain the degree, students must have acquired 180 credits including those relating to the final examination (3 credits). The final test has the objective of assessing the level of maturity and critical skills of the undergraduate, with respect to learning and to the acquired knowledge, on completion of the activities provided by the course syllabus. The final examination consists of a written or oral test, in accordance with the rules fixed every year by the Degree Course Regulations for the final examination, respecting and consistent to the calendar, the ministerial requirements and to the relevant Guidelines of the University.

course outlineNo propaedeutical teaching for this curriculum

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Teachings first year
credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
01646 - PLANT BIOLOGY course specifications FICI (PA) 8.0 1 V A BIO/03
16127 - MATHEMATICS course specifications 8.0 1 V A MAT/07
20626 - TOPOGRAPHY, CARTOGRAPHY AND PRINCIPLES OF CAD course specifications 8.0 1 V C ICAR/06
01395 - GENERAL ARBORICULTURE course specifications LO BIANCO (PA) 8.0 2 V B AGR/03
01704 - FOREST BOTANY course specifications VENTURELLA (PO) 8.0 2 V A BIO/02
20692 - ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS - EQUIVALENT TO LEVEL B1 course specifications 4.0 2 G E

Teachings second year
credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
02877 - PRINCIPLES OF HYDRAULICS AND HYDROLOGY course specifications FERRO (PO) 8.0 1 V B AGR/08
13488 - ELEMENTS OF AGRONOMY course specifications SARNO (PA) 8.0 1 V C AGR/02
18684 - FOREST SOIL CHEMISTRY course specifications CONTE (PO) 8.0 1 V B AGR/13
18804 - FOREST ECOLOGY course specifications LA MANTIA (PA) 8.0 1 V B AGR/05
02761 - FOREST ECONOMICS AND POLICY course specifications DI FRANCO (PA) 8.0 2 V B AGR/01
18685 - GENERAL SILVICULTURE AND DENDROLOGY course specifications LA MELA VECA (RU) 8.0 2 V B AGR/05
19388 - FOREST PAEDOLOGY course specifications DAZZI (PO) 8.0 2 V C AGR/14
Free subjects 12.0 D

Teachings third year
credits Term Val. Area Scientific sector
13121 - PRACTICE 6.0 1 G F
15404 - FOREST MECHANISATION AND ERGONOMICS course specifications FEBO (PO) 8.0 1 V B AGR/09
15481 - HYDRAULIC-FOREST SETTLEMENTS course specifications DI STEFANO (PA) 8.0 1 V B AGR/08
15482 - DENDROMETRY AND FOREST SETTLEMENT course specifications MAETZKE (PO) 8.0 1 V B AGR/05
16097 - FOREST EVALUATION course specifications ASCIUTO (PA) 8.0 2 V B AGR/01
18805 - FOREST ENTOMOLOGY course specifications CALECA (PA) 8.0 2 V B AGR/11
18806 - FOREST PATHOLOGY course specifications 8.0 2 V B AGR/12

Term Term/Semester
Val. Valutation: V = mark in 30/30, G = note
(*) Teaching attended in english
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